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I just love these simple chairs, they look so wonderful when they’re revamped. If you’re looking for a single chair for your bedroom, hallway or even bathroom pop into the shop. We have an extensive range of paint colours & can recover the seat pads in any fabric, maybe bring along your own piece to match your decor. Prices start at just £25



A taste


Love this


Beautiful glass wall hanging


Just a taste of some of the new stock which has arrived just in time for christmas. Why not come along to our christmas shopping evening on Friday 14th December until 7pm. Yes I know it’s a bit late but if there are any of you out there, like me, who leaves everything to the last minute then simply gorgeous could have that special present you’re looking for.


Total transformation. Chairs in all different shapes, sizes and colours are on sale in the shop and are priced from £25


If you have any old furniture that could do with a facelift like this poor old chair, bring it in to the shop where I can totally transform it